We’ve Arrived

As I alluded earlier, we had a layover in Toronto. We left at 2:30 PM EST for Beijing. We arrived in China at 4:30 PM China time, which is about 3:30 AM EST. The 13 hour flight wasn’t too bad (although it surely messes with one’s body! My internal clock is way off). We met with our tour guide, who brought us to our hotel. We are staying at the Dongfang Hotel in Beijing. It’s a charming little hotel about a block from Tiananmen Square (our destination for tomorrow). It’s 9:38 PM here as I write this. I have not slept in well over 24 hours. I think it is time for me to turn in.

Also, as I said earlier, my camera is on the blink, so pictures will be slow coming. Sorry all.

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3 Responses to We’ve Arrived

  1. I’m glad you made it okay!!!

  2. Rob says:

    Welcome to our part of the world! How do you like it so far?

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