So, here’s last night’s blog post:

We started our day visiting the Jade Buddha temple in Shang-hi. It is a beautiful (still active) temple and one of the oldest buildings in Shang-hi. Inside the building are two jade Buddhas, one reclining and one sitting. Both of these are carved out of pure white jade and studded with rubies. They are beautiful. Unfortunately, we could not take photographs, as this is a very holy site. Also at the temple, we were able to sample the monks’ tea. Monday thru Friday, the temple is closed to all but the monks, but on the weekend, it is open for all, including the private tea house of the monks. The tea was amazing. Unlike anything ever tasted before.

After, we went to a silk factory and saw silk being made. The entire process seemed very very long and time consuming, but the finished products were amazing. I wish I had a billion dollars to spend there!

Then, we went to the Yu garden, one of the largest private gardens in China. I cannot describe too well the garden, so you will all have to wait for pics. Our tour guide showed us some of the garden, then gave us free time to wonder the market around the garden, but Renee, Rob, Shanelle, Britlin and I decided to stay. We wandered around for an hour and still didn’t see everything! While walking in the garden, a stray cat came up to us and allowed us to take pictures of it. The poor thing was battered, but seemed ok. I wish I could have taken him home!

Then, finally, we returned to the hotel for dinner and sleep. Thus ended a long Shang-hi day.

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