Final Thoughts

Well, We leave Hong Kong to begin our journey home in a few hours. I think now is a good time for some final thoughts and reflections on China and Hong Kong.

First off, China is a radically different place than what we expect. In many ways, it is a very open and free country: lots of enterprises and private sellers, little government regulation. However, it is still very much tightly controlled. Facebook, Youtube, Google, and many blogs are banned in China. The media is very much so propagandized.

Second, China is not Communist, nor is it capitalist. Socialist is a more accurate description.

Finally, China is a beautiful country. You cannot take a step without discovering something historical. The country is breathtaking and truly remarkable. We need to drastically alter our perception of China in order to fully understand her and to trade and conduct business.

That’s all for now!

Jonathan M. Murphy

Framingham State University

MetroWest Economic Research Center

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