Hong Kong

What a fun day!

We began our day traveling to the airport. However, Simon had a trick up his sleeve. Rather than take the bus to the airport (which would have taken about an hour), he brought us to the MagLev, the fastest train in the world! We covered the distance of downtown Shang-hi to the airport in exactly 7 minutes (a distance of about 100km, Simon said). We reach a maximum speed of 436km/hr. It was amazing!

After our flight to Hong Kong (which took about 2.5 hours), we met our new tour guide David. Simon could not enter Hong Kong without a visa. Although Hong Kong is part of China, they have their own currency, their own government and their own immigration laws. Hong Kong is called a “Special Administrative Region,” or SAR. We checked into our hotel, the Ramada Hong Kong. It’s not the greatest hotel in the world, but it’s not terrible either. Finally, we went to a laser light show on the Hong Kong waterfront. This 15 minute show, called the Symphony of Light, is done every night and was fun to see. It started off slow, but made up for it in a big way. If I have time, I may go see it again.

That’s all for now! It’s 10 PM here, and another early day so I need my sleep. See you all soon!

Jonathan M. Murphy

Framingham State University

MetroWest Economic Research Center

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