To get to Lantau Island, you must take a 25 minute cable car ride over the bay and up the mountains. Lantau is all mountains. Well ascending the mountain, you can see the Buddha in the distance (probably still several miles away). After reaching Lantau and going through a small tourist shopping area, you arrive at the foot of Buddha’s Mountain. A 266 step climb brings you right up to the statue. At the foot of the Buddha is one of the oldest monasteries in the world manned by some of the nicest monks in the world. As soon as pictures come up, you will understand why the only way to describe this place is “breathtaking.”

After returning from Lantau, some of us went to Macau (not me) and some of us went exploring the city. Peter, Lecia, Prof and Mr Rogers and I went exploring. We took the trolley from one side of the city to the other. It took us and hour each way to make the journey, but it was fun. Also, the whole thing only cost us about 4 Hong Kong dollars, or about $0.25 USD.

When we came back, we had dinner and I rested in my room. What a fun way to spend my final day in Hong Kong!

Jonathan M. Murphy

Framingham State University

MetroWest Economic Research Center

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