Last Day in Shang-Hi

As you can imagine, our days are very busy and fun. That is why my last couple of posts have been very short. By the end of the day, I am exhausted!

Our final day in Shang-hi was probably the best of them all. We began the day at the Shang-hi Luxin College of Commerce. It is located on this enormous campus shared by all the universities of Shang-hi. It is beautiful. We each paired off with students from Luxin. My guide was Ashton. He is a sophomore and is studying English business! We began by getting to know each other. We had a series of questions to ask one another; such things as “where are you from,” and “what are you studying.” Then, we all went to the gym and plays some games: basketball, their version of hacky-sack and ping-pong. It was a blast.

After Luxin, we stopped at a local mall for lunch. We all split off. Rob, Renee and I went to a Korean restaurant. We had sushi, a sautéed mushroom dish, and what I think was eel and kimchi. It was extremely good. Robert would be proud J

After that, we went outside the city to the Maple auto Manufacturing Plant. We got to see a car being made from beginning to end. Maple is an up-and-coming Chinese auto company. They produce mainly cheap, middle-class cars; a Chinese Honda. The tour was amazing. However, no photographs were allowed, so no pictures. Sorry!

We then headed to Downtown Shang-hi. We went to the Word Financial Center, the second tallest building in the world. The observation deck was 474 meters above the ground and the view was amazing. Lots of pictures to come from this!

Finally, we ended the day on the Bund, the Shang-hi riverfront. The sun had set and the view was amazing; not unlike Chicago, really. It was a cold and wet night, so myself, Dr. Rodgers, her husband Dave, Prof. Soriano, Simon and I went to grab coffee. We had fun chatting with one another.

Finally, we ended the day back in the hotel. We had to get up early the next day for our flight to Hong Kong! I think we all slept soundly that night.

Jonathan M. Murphy

Framingham State University

MetroWest Economic Research Center

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2 Responses to Last Day in Shang-Hi

  1. Rob Murphy says:


    Glad you got to experience Korean food. The sushi in Korea is called Cho-Bap and The Musroom dish is generally just a side. We don’t really have a name for that specific thing. We have several eel dishes here. Was it alive? If it was it’s called Gwang-awe. If it wasn’t it could be one of several things (including Gwang-awe Goo-ii)

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