Merry Christmas/Year in Review

Merry Christmas.

2011 has been quite a year, hasn’t it?  3 near government shutdowns, dictators from Africa to Asia gone.  Debt talks, summer slowdowns, poor Japan, protests worldwide, and much more.

Despite all this, the US economy kept chugging along.  The private sector has added nearly 2 million jobs this year.  US Industrial Production is growing at a faster pace during this recovery than the previous 2 recessions (2001 and 80’s).  Retail Sales are past the pre-recession level.  It is important to remember that our recession was deep, but all these signs are good and the leading indicators point to further growth in 2012!

2012 promises to be am important year going forward.  The Supreme Court will rule on the health-care law, a ruling that could affect federal power for years to come.  We have a presidential election.  Possible end of the world.  We shall see.

In conclusion, I want to wish everyone here and on our unofficial sister blog, Cafe Hayek, a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a bloody happy New Year!

Here’s to a happy, and more free, 2012!

Edit: Because he whined, a very metal Christmas to our good friends at our official father blog, The Metal of Honor.  The Metal of Honor is written by Luke and James.  Luke is not the worst kind of people and James is good people, too.  If you enjoy heavy metal music, check it out.

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